I'm boycotting all social media platforms, owned by Facebook and others, until further U.S. legislation is passed to regulate and hold these private corporations directly accountable for violating global democracies via surveillance capitalism*.

Silicon Valley corporations utilize Surveillance Capitalism by:
1. mining user's personal data to create "behavioral predictions" to sell in behavioral futures markets* without our knowledge or permission
2. tracking users’ locations and allowing law enforcement to maintain a state of constant surveillance
3. creating behavioral modifications to condition users to continue producing free data to sell to third parties
4. cultivating a massive-scale emotional contagion through online social networks
5. supplanting the press through the institution of Live Feeds that prioritize commercial interactions
6. placing users' privacy at risk by mishandling their private information
7. disrupting democratic elections via misinformation campaigns without direct accountability
8. claiming the right to maintain the conditions that allow tech corporations to continue harvesting user data, sustaining their dominance in global "behavioral futures markets" * while maintaining their ability to self-regulate
9. boosting the scope of misinformation
10. Leaving no other alternative but to interact with "supply chains for behavioral data" to continue feeding Artificial Intelligence the algorithmic predictions needed for accumulating massive revenues at the expense of human nature*
11. Establishing a chilling effect on human behavior and ushering in a new era of inequality due to an imbalance of knowledge and therefore power.*

Silicon Valley corporations further institute unethical practices via Racial Capitalism by:
1. Exploiting non whiteness to the status of tokens or "trophies" for generating social and economic capital
2. Misappropriating people of color in the pursuit of diversifying their corporate identities in advertisements
3. Developing and supplying beta test technology to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to track and apprehend immigrants of color.
4. Enabling hate speech and extremist groups to sow radicalized fear on social media, leading to extremist acts of violence against minority groups.
5. Establishing a chilling effect on human behavior and ushering in a new era of racial inequality due to an imbalance of knowledge and therefore power that mirrors the inequalities experienced during post-Civil War U.S.*

I am withdrawing use of these corporate platforms until the U.S. follows suite with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to hold Silicon Valley corporations to higher ethical standards.

Write to your representatives in Congress and encourage them to regulate surveillance capitalist corporations. Democracy is at stake.

*Read "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" by Shoshana Zuboff .

Learn more about surveillance capitalism on Social Media via New York Times' The Privacy Project

last update: 9/24/19

Statement on Social Media