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Adelante! San Antonio! A public art commission by the City of San Antonio commemorating the Tricentennial anniversary of San Antonio, TX. The commission consists of interior and exterior digitally printed murals depicting various aspects of San Antonio's cultural heritage.

"¡Adelante San Antonio!" by San Antonio artist team Dos Mestizx, Suzy González and Michael Menchaca, is a three part mural celebrating the rich history of San Antonio. Located in the customer service bay of the new ConRAC parking facility, it is a chronicle of the past 300 years highlighting a progression of aviation, architecture, culture and more. Dispersed among the imagery is a greeting that reads "¡Bienvenidos a San Antonio!" or "Welcome to San Antonio," as well as "¡Adelante San Antonio!" or "Let's Go San Antonio!".

As visitors and locals cross the sky bridge a three-dimensional rose window, "Ventana Rosada," greets them symbolizing the city and welcoming visitors and those returning home. "Ventana Rosada" takes influence from the quatrefoil pattern, a significant piece of Texas history, symbolic of peace and joy. A propeller is included signifying the importance of aviation and the history of flight.

The exterior façade of the San Antonio International Airports new ConRAC facility features two large scale murals by the artist team on either side of the customer service bay. The two exterior murals represent a hybrid bird/airplane, which bring together the ideas of nature and culture and recognize the advances in aviation technology. The Golden Eagle is indigenous to the region and the Boeing 737 is a commonly used as a contemporary passenger plane. The left panel is comprised of greens and blues, representative of morning and day flights. The eagle's expression holds the excitement of adventure that comes with the ability of flight. the sunburst behind the eagle is emblematic of this moment. the left panel embodies the moment of departure. The right panel represents traveling by night, migration, and arriving home. The blues and purples are representative of moon-lit night flights. The flock returns home and speaks of the beauty of migration. Soaring above the earth, the eagles fly among the stars. The right panel embodies the moment of arrival.

Created in Collaboration with Suzy González under the collaborative name Dos Mestizx
2018 — 2028

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