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No. 4 Framed (Detail)
No. 4 Framed (Detail)
from La Raza Cosmicá 20XX, A suite of 16 screen prints
Screenprint on Stonehenge Pearl Grey; Edition of 10; 21” wide x 22.5” tall

Printed and Published by Julia Samuels at Overpass Projects
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La Raza Cósmica 20XX presents a mythical re-interpretation of Jose Vasconcelos’ mestizo identity theory, La Raza Cósmica, using animal stand-ins to depict the intermixing between Latinx bodies. In his theory, Vasconcelos states that the Latin American intermixing of European DNA with Amerindian, Asian, and African DNA, created an ethnical fusion, a mestizáje, which he characterizes as the cosmic race. Pairing this theory with the Spanish Casta paintings, popular in 18th century Spanish colonial Mexico and instrumental in constructing racial identity through a visual index, I envision a new set of Castas where Silicon Valley technology has been integrated to intercommunicate between Latinx families.