A Cage Without Borders Installation
3 Channel Video Installation

"A Cage Without Borders" on view in the exhibition Estamos Bien: La Trienal 20/21 at El Museo Del Barrio, NY, NY.

13 MARCH – 26 SEPT 2021

A Cage Without Borders hijacks the commercial appeal of motion graphics on social media platforms in order to critique the US carceral state. This three-channel video installation runs a synchronized HD animation on three TV’s that are vertically oriented, mimicking the visual presentation of mobile devices. This installation addresses the ways in which Big Tech is currently operating as a de facto neo-colonial project enabling racialized state surveillance to oppress the most vulnerable communities. As I researched the tech industry during the creation of this piece, I learned about the anti black, anti indigenous, anti immigrant algorithms embedded within internet connected devices and the social impact this is having on Black and Indigenous People of Color. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Big-Tech is a boon for mass incarceration but until viewers can see this connection visually, it will remain hidden in plain sight.