Sousveillance Tower
Projection Video
Daniels & Fisher Tower, Denver, Co

Projection Video running during 'clock-watching' in collab with @night_lights_denver, now on view at the historic Daniels & Fisher Tower, Denver, Co. This month-long exhibition Ran from 8:30pm - midnight MT nightly throughout April 2021.

Artist statement:
A Human Rights nightmare is occurring on our watch. A Revolution of Guilty Masters have partnered with the U.S. military, U.S. intelligence Agencies, as well as local and state law enforcement to create a digital caste system. Machine Learning is applied to the criminalization and surveillance of Black and Brown communities, streamlining marginalization. Ask yourself, "What is happening behind the screens?"

Documentation by Wes Magyar. Courtesy of Black Cube and Night Lights Denver. More info via BlackCube Nomadic Museum